Land Surveying, Wetland Delineation and Environmental Consulting in North Jersey and Rockland County NY

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Environmental Consulting and Wetland Delineation

PAX Surveying and Environmental Consultants, LLC provides Environmental Consulting & Wetland Delineation in North Jersey and Rockland County, NY.

Environmental Consulting & Wetland Delineation | North Jersey

At PAX, we are focused on identifying and creatively resolving environmental issues to ensure a site is capable of supporting a development in accordance with applicable regulations. We routinely navigate clients through the federal, state and local approval process by addressing several regulatory programs including those administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, NJDEP and NYSDEC. Our philosophy is to determine the presence or absence of regulated areas during the initial planning and conceptual design phase. Identifying the limits of these areas and promptly evaluating potential permitting requirements is imperative to maintaining an accurate project schedule and budget.

Our Services

Environmental consulting and wetland delineation related services we perform in North Jersey and Rockland County, NY areas include: